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Core Areas of Focus

Diversity Attraction & Retention

The ERGC provides blueprints for starting ERGs and Diversity Councils.

We also support Corridor ERGs (including potential sponsorship) to offer both social and professional development programming. 

Community Cultural Orientation

We focus on ongoing analysis of community orientation and collaboration needs/opportunities.

The ERGC also offers orientation plans for a variety of audiences and stages of engagement (e.g., on-boarding, board/committee opportunities, etc.)

Problem-Solving Think Tank

We host Focus Groups to provide information and experiential learning opportunities (speakers, literature, video, etc.) through subject matter experts.

Measurement is important to us. A Measurement Index/Scorecard provides aggregate data from member organizations to evaluate the impact organizational culture has on employee retention (e.g., gender/race/age demographics, brain drain, attraction/retention, cultural orientation)


A diverse and inclusive culture attracts and retains the best and brightest talent and allows Transamerica to build strong customer relationships and innovative solutions that fit their needs.
— Cindy Nodorft, Transamerica