Established in 2011, the ERGC supports employment related initiatives through collaborative partnerships, professional development and networking opportunities.

ERGC members routinely interact as a collective group, while also engaging in one of four committees (Marketing & Communications, Forum & Events, Research, and Advisory). Framing the work of the ERGC are three key areas of focus:

  • Diversity Attraction & Retention

    • Provide blueprints for starting ERGs and Diversity Councils
    • Support Corridor ERGs (including potential sponsorship) to offer both social and professional development programming
  • Community Cultural Orientation

    • Ongoing analysis of community orientation and collaboration needs/opportunities
    • Offer orientation plans for a variety of audiences and stages of engagement (e.g., on-boarding, board/committee opportunities, etc.)
  • Problem-Solving Think Tank

    • Focus Groups: Provide information and experiential learning opportunities (speakers, literature, video, etc.) through subject matter experts
    • Measurements Index/Scorecard: Provide aggregate data from member organizations to evaluate the impact organizational culture has on employee retention (e.g., gender/race/age demographics, brain drain, attraction/retention, cultural orientation)